Investor FAQs

Investor FAQs

When is the Company’s financial year-end?

Our financial year ends on 31 December.

How often does the Company release its financial results?

We release our financial results every quarter.

When and where is Top Global listed?

We are listed on Singapore Exchange since 2001 and transferred to the Mainboard on 24 December 2012.

What is Top Global’s SGX stock code and Bloomberg code?

Our SGX stock code is BHO and our Bloomberg code is TGL: SP.

How long do you reckon the Singapore Government’s cooling measures will last?

We are unable to predict the direction that the Singapore government will take but we will closely monitor the situation.

What are your plans for your business?

We will continue to market our residential developments and look for interesting and iconic projects in Singapore, perhaps mixed-use developments. We also intend to collaborate with partners in different developments as well as in other sectors to broaden our horizon. Overall, we will also evaluate opportunities in Asia as they emerge and will not rule out any possibility as long as it enhances shareholder value and brings long term returns to the Company.

Do you have plans to expand beyond Singapore and Indonesia?

Yes, we are always on the lookout for good opportunities to expand our business footprint into other emerging markets such as China and other parts of Southeast Asia. This will allow us to tap on the growth potential and opportunities in these markets on a timely basis.

Will the company consider looking beyond real estate?

We are open to options and are keen to explore opportunities beyond real estate if it is beneficial to the Company’s revenue and growth. Ultimately, our objective is to deliver better returns to our valued shareholders and grow both organically and inorganically.

What are some of the notable developments or projects that Suryamas has?

Suryamas’ notable projects include the Rancamaya Estate, Mahogany Residence, Royal Tajur, Harvest City, Rancamaya Golf & Country Club Resort and R Hotel.

Why doesn’t Top Global consider acquiring other Indonesian companies?

Acquisitions are generally challenging and we may not be familiar with the management team of other Indonesian companies. In the case of Suryamas, the payment mode was in shares, which was more favourable to us as compared to a cash outlay for acquisition.

Now that you are an enlarged group, will you have a formal dividend policy?

There is currently no formal dividend policy as we are still growing and deem it more appropriate to conserve cash for our current developments and expansion plans. That being said, the Board is committed to ensuring that our shareholders are rewarded for their continued support of the company. As long as we have sufficient and sustainable capital resources for our business activities and plans, we will aim to provide a dividend to shareholders.

When can shareholders be expecting dividends from Top Global?

Once we achieve a stable income stream and assuming that there are no additional funding requirements, the Board will consider distributing dividends to shareholders.

What is the total number of shares before and after the completed share consolidation exercise on 1 October 2015?

100:1 share consolidation approved on 27 April 2015

Before the Proposed Share Consolidation
Number of shares

After the Proposed Share Consolidation
Number of shares

How do you differentiate your developments from competitors?

We have set high standards for our developments in terms of innovative design, product quality and lifestyle element to attract buyers, which have been a successful strategy. This makes us different from our peers where we are unique on our own.

Is there any foreign exchange risks involved since your Indonesia’s business is denominated in rupiah and you are reporting in SGD here?

Yes, because the Indonesian Rupiah is a volatile currency. At this point in time, Singapore and Indonesia operate as independent entities and the currency translation for reporting purposes will reflect fluctuations from time to time.

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